GUIDE: Are Stormwater Fees Right For Your Municipality?

Stormwater Utility Guide Stormwater costs are on the rise due to increased regulation, aging infrastructure, and the increasing frequency of heavy storms. But existing tax revenue is already spread thin by other priorities. You need more revenue to address your stormwater needs, and a utility could be the answer.

Stormwater utilities provide a dedicated stream of funding that ensures you always have the money on hand to manage stormwater issues – without competing with other budgetary needs. They also allow you to collect money from everyone who uses the service: even tax-exempt properties like churches, hospitals, and universities.  And they are a more equitable source of funding than property taxes because you charge users according to their contribution to runoff and can offer credits to people who reduce their runoff with approved techniques.

Find out it a stormwater utility could be right for your community with our guide. In it, you’ll learn

    • The many advantages of forming a stormwater utility.
    • Answers to frequently asked questions about stormwater utilities.
    • How a dedicated revenue stream can make your grant applications more attractive to selection committees.
    • How to structure the ownership and responsibility for facilities between the municipality and an authority to ensure your interests are well-protected.
    • Tips on how to build public support for a stormwater fee.
    • The first steps in implementing a stormwater utility.

Find out if stormwater fees are right for your community