PSATS 2017: Howard Hodder to Present with ESRI on ArcGIS

PSATS 2017: Hodder to present on ArcGIS

Join us Monday at the annual PSATS Conference when HRG’s Geomatics Practice Area Leader Howard Hodder will be presenting a workshop on ArcGIS with real-world examples of how local governments are benefitting from this technology


ARCGIS: A Fast Track to Building Smart Communities
2:45 p.m. in Cocoa Suite 1

Around the world, local governments are using GIS to improve decision making, service delivery, and citizen engagement. Since most government data is location-based, equipping your township with the latest GIS technology will help streamline operations and give citizens a more positive experience.  During this workshop, you’ll learn how GIS addresses the need of today’s local governments with real-world examples.


Howard will be co-presenting this workshop with Andrew Falker and Keith Swavely, account managers at ESRI (the global market leader in GIS).

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