Turbine Air Foil Design (TAD) – Harrisburg, PA

Turbine Air Foil Design (TAD), a manufacturer of jet engine components, sought to acquire title to an abandoned manufacturing facility in Harrisburg’s economic enterprise zone.  The site contained aromatic and chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and metals in soils and groundwater, which TAD had not originally generated nor contributed to.  Furthermore, another impediment to TAD’s securing financing for the property was the fact that no financially viable responsible party remained to address the environmental liabilities attached to the site. As a result, HRG was retained to prepare an Act 2 Work Plan under the SIA Standard, which PADEP approved.

The remedial investigation findings supported a Baseline Environmental Report (BER), and PADEP approved that BER and an accompanying Cleanup Plan.  The Plan relied on analytical modeling to support conclusions that existing contaminants did not pose an imminent threat to human health or ecological receptors in the adjacent creek.  The remedy included a deed covenant as an institutional control to limit the site to industrial use and reliance on public water as well as the use of existing asphalt paving and concrete building slabs as engineering controls.  The remedy secured PADEP’s relief of liability for the identified contaminants and TAD was able to secure its financing.

Client / Owner

AIC Ventures, LP
8080 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1220
Dallas, TX 75206

Project Highlights

  • PA Act 2 facilitation of redevelopment in an economic enterprise zone
  • A risk management approach to managing site contaminants through institutional and engineering controls.

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