Tourism Signing Programs – Pennsylvania Statewide

Since 1988 HRG has provided engineering and construction/maintenance management services in support of Pennsylvania Tourism Signing Trust’s (PTST) statewide motorist information signing program (LOGO signing) that provides gas, food, lodging, camping, and attraction signing along the interstate and non-interstate freeway system across Pennsylvania.

In 2011 HRG was selected to provide additional services as administrator of all PTST programs, including implementation of a new and additional statewide Tourist Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) program. HRG provides contracting and bookkeeping services along with overall administration services for PTST’s two statewide signing programs that include over 6,800 signs and 3,500 business participants.

For 25 years, HRG has provided innovation and expertise to lead the PTST tourism signing programs into sign management and wayfinding initiatives, development of guidelines and specifications, construction management, and overall program administration, engineering and support.  HRG’s services to PTST include:

  • Qualification of all signing applicants including eligibility, sign requirements and sign locations
  • Contract administration and invoicing (A/R) for all business participants
  • Engineering drawings, specifications, and cost estimating for construction of new signs
  • Bidding and all contract management services for construction of new signs
  • Work orders for ongoing maintenance of all signs
  • Accounts payable (A/P) for all professional services procured
  • Communications with applicants, participants, industry representatives and legislators
  • Development of guidelines and policies for the programs
  • Advise PennDOT on signing and program matters, including program compatibility with signing policies and principles for all freeway and conventional highways
  • All day-to-day operations, office activities and field activities to administer the programs
  • Support and coordination with PTST’s Board of Trustees and Representatives, legal counsel, and business manager

Client / Owner

Pennsylvania Tourism Signing Trust
2300 Vartan Way
Suite 240
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Project Highlights

  • HRG provides engineering and construction/maintenance management services since 1988
  • Chosen as administrator of all PTST programs in 2011
  • Over 6,800 signs and 3,500 business participants

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