Roadway Management Program – Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County, PA

As Silver Spring Township’s engineer, HRG will use vehicle mounted state-of-the-art laser scanning technology to develop a comprehensive Roadway Management Program for maintaining and prioritizing improvements to the Township’s 86.5 miles of roadway.

In order to collect the data needed to develop the program, specialized vans (as pictured) will drive all 86.5 miles of Township-owned roads, which will be accomplished without road closures or detours.

As the vehicles travel the roadway system, high definition cameras and laser scanners will collect detailed roadway conditions such as cracks, pot holes, wheel rutting, and patching/utility cuts. The scanners will also provide a complete inventory of roadway assets such as street signs, guiderails, inlets and manholes, traffic signal equipment, etc.

The data collected using this cutting-edge technology far exceeds the information that could have been collected using manual methods of the past, which were more subjective and labor intensive.

The data will be incorporated into the Township’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and HRG will conduct a comprehensive pavement condition analysis. Findings from the analysis will be used to develop a Roadway Management Program, which will include a prioritized list of maintenance, repairs, and areas of reconstruction with planning level cost estimates.

Improvements will be prioritized based on level of disrepair and functionality in the community. The program will also emphasize preventative maintenance activities that prolong the life of a roadway in good condition through less expensive measures such as crack sealing, surface sealing, and other methods. These activities are a proven way to prolong pavement life at a reduced life-cycle cost.

The program will help Silver Spring Township budget for future expenditures and demonstrate that paving dollars are being expended in a cost effective manner. Having a plan like this in place is instrumental in obtaining additional funding from very competitive state grant programs such as PennDOT and the Commonwealth Financing Authority multimodal programs.

The ability to submit more competitive grant applications will ultimately help the Township keep their tax rates low and ensure the roadway system is being maintained at the highest level of serviceability.

Client / Owner

Silver Spring Township
8 Flowers Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Project Highlights

  • Roadway management program that includes a prioritized list of maintenance, repairs, and areas of reconstruction with planning level cost estimates
  • Data collected for 86.5 miles of township-owned roads
  • Use of vehicle mounted laser scanners and high definition digital cameras
  • Comprehensive pavement condition analysis
  • Information will be used to submit more competitive grant applications

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