MRSA Wastewater to Energy (Ww2E) Treatment Plant – Borough of Milton, Northumberland County, PA

The Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) currently serves six municipalities in Northern Northumberland County. The facility’s largest customer is ConAgra, the industrial food producer behind Chef Boyardee and Healthy Choice products among others.

In order to reduce operation and maintenance costs associated with the WWTP while also meeting Chesapeake Bay nutrient effluent limitations, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) designed a complex facility upgrade fueled by anaerobic treatment of the ConAgra wastewater. The state-of-the-art technology works together to generate electricity, incorporate biosolids drying utilizing waste heat, and produce a high level of wastewater treatment.  Referred to as the Wastewater to Energy (Ww2E) Project, construction of the Ww2E upgrade expands the MRSA’s wastewater treatment capacity from 3.42 MGD to 4.25 MGD and doubled its organic capacity to nearly 49,900 pounds per day.

The expanded MRSA WWTP facility includes:

  • New 2.4 MGD Anaerobic Treatment Process (ADI Systems, Inc.)
  • New 5 MGD Headworks Facility (IPEC fine screens, Hydro International grit removal)
  • Enhanced 0.25 MGD Trucked-In Waste Facilities (Lakeside)
  • New 4.25 MGD Verticel Biological Nutrient Removal Facilities (Evoqua)
  • New UV Disinfection Facilities (ENAQUA)
  • New Odor Control Systems (Evoqua)
  • New Direct Heat Sludge Drying (Andritz)
  • New 2 MW Cogeneration Equipment (Cummins)
  • Secondary Clarification (EVOQUA)
  • Sludge Thickening and Aerobic Digestion Facilities
  • Dewatering Equipment (Westfalia centrifuge, Ashbrook belt filter press)

The approximate $55 million construction cost for the Ww2E upgrade was primarily funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and supplemented by additional grants through H2O PA, the Growing Greener initiative and PA Conservation Works.

The increased hydraulic and organic capacity design allows for continued regionalization to serve the local community. The facility now serves a total of six municipalities in Northumberland County, PA with others considering the potential for connection in the future.  Additionally, this project serves as a model for promoting economic growth, a positive impact on the environment, and operational efficiencies.

Client / Owner

Milton Regional Sewer Authority
PO Box 433
Milton, PA 17847

Project Highlights

  • Increased capacity is promoting local economic growth, allowing ConAgra to provide nearly 1,000 jobs and Milton Industrial Park to expand.
  • Anaerobic treatment process converts highly concentrated wastewater into biogas, which is then used to generate electricity.
  • MRSA significantly reduces (with future potential to eliminate) electricity and solids disposal bills, while generating new revenue streams from the sale of excess electricity and pelletized biosolids.
  • $55 million construction project financed by grants and loans HRG was able to help the authority procure.

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This project won an Operator Research Award from the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association.

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