Meade Avenue – Middletown, PA

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) was selected to complete the design of the improvements associated with Phase 1 of the overall access management plan identified in the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) access study. The study encompassed the region surrounding PSU Harrisburg Campus, Jednota Estates, HIA, and the Capital Business Center (CBC). This area experienced an evolution of varied development and infrastructure improvements, which resulted in the generation of diverse traffic patterns that are often incompatible and counterproductive to the economic development of this area. Because of the incompatible and dissimilar goals of the affected stakeholders, a solution to the problem was not conceived for over 40 years.

Through a strategic and methodical process, HRG successfully navigated stakeholders, representing 10 diverse groups, to a consensus on a preferred access improvement program. The overall program included 1 mile of new collector roadway, a new 1/2 diamond interchange, and 7 new traffic signals.

This initial phase replaced an existing collection of private roads, commercial parking lots, and local township roads acting as substandard routes servicing a large transportation need.  The new roadway improves safety and creates an opportunity for economic development within the region through the construction of a wider roadway width, two new traffic signals, and improved access to neighboring properties.  Safety improvements include the elimination of truck traffic within the roads of the Penn State Harrisburg Campus and providing pedestrian access between the Penn State Campus, local shopping center, and Harrisburg International Airport facilities.  The new roadway system promotes economic growth and development throughout the area.

Client / Owner

Lower Swatara Township
1499 Spring Garden Drive
Middletown, PA 17057

Project Highlights

  • 1 mile of new collector roadway
  • A new 1/2 diamond interchange
  • 7 new traffic signals

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