Erie Presque Isle Downs – Summit Township, Erie County, PA

As part of the design team for a 135-acre horse racing and convention center facility, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) provided traffic, highway, and structural engineering expertise to TECNICA Development Corporation (TECNICA).

The HRG design team completed a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) that was approved by Summit Township and PennDOT.  The study was unique in that the facility is an abstract trip generator.  HRG provided recommended mitigations for SR 0097, including the installation of a new traffic signal to be interconnected with three other signals in the corridor.  All three existing signals also required modifications due to the exclusive turn lanes being proposed.

Additionally, HRG and PennDOT arrived at an agreement which stipulated when additional improvements to SR 0097 needed to be constructed based on traffic conditions.  HRG traffic engineer’s also determined only one bridge would be required to convey traffic over a large flood plain area, which saved the developer approximately $600,000 in construction and engineering costs.

Based on the TIS, HRG’s design team obtained approval from PennDOT for a signalized high-volume and medium-volume entrance to the facility. Township approval for access along Footmill Road was also obtained.

In addition to the entrances along SR 0097, exclusive left and right turn lanes, along with an opposing center left turn lane, were designed to produce 4,800 feet of widening to SR 0097. The drainage system was addressed along with 32 private driveways. HRG completed right-of-way plans and plats for twenty properties. Utility relocations were also addressed.

Both the I-90 eastbound and westbound off-ramps were widened to include exclusive right turn lanes. The eastbound ramp was designed to have a 475 foot right turn lane, while a 225 foot right turn lane was added to the westbound off-ramp. These improvements both required approval by the Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT.

Client / Owner

TECHNICA Development Corp.
4800 Tramarlac Lane
Erie, PA 16505

Project Highlights

  • Traffic Impact Study for a 135 acre site
  • Permitted two site entrances on SR 0097 and one entrance on Footmill Road
  • Widened 4,800 feet of SR 0097 to accommodate additional through lanes and exclusive turn lane
  • Added right turn lanes to the I-90 eastbound and westbound exit ramps
  • Designed one new traffic signal and permitted modifications, and interconnection of three additional traffic signals.
  • $2,000,000 roadway construction cost
  • $1,400,000 bridge construction cost

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