Easton Solar Project – Forks Township, Northampton County, PA

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) was selected by Global Energy Services, Inc. to provide engineering and related services for the development of a 3MW solar photovoltaic array, which produces 3700 MWh/yr of clean solar energy.  The electric power produced is utilized by Binney & Smith, Inc. in its Crayola manufacturing facility located in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

The solar panel array covers an area of 685 feet by 750 feet and is constructed on approximately 15 acres of a 127-acre parcel owned by Binney & Smith, Inc.  The panels produce direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight.  The DC power is converted to alternating current (AC) power through an inverter located next to the solar array and conveyed to the Crayola manufacturing facility interconnection point by an underground electric line.

HRG partnered with Global Energy Services, Inc., Fotowatio, Worldwater & Solar Technologies Corporation and VISTA Energy Group on this innovative project. HRG performed a field survey and wetland absence/presence of the approximately 20 acre project site.  HRG’s professionals prepared erosion and sediment pollution control plans and land development plans for the solar panel array, equipment pad (inverter pad to convert DC to AC), access road, and associated utility trenching.  The plans were submitted for review and approval to Northampton County Conservation District, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Forks Township.

HRG worked diligently to complete the land development approval process within three months.  This aggressive schedule was necessary to ensure construction of the solar panels was finished by the end of the year to receive the Solar Energy Tax Credit.  The Solar Energy Tax Credit was a federal program that provided funding for 30 percent of the project.

This project was the first of its kind in Forks Township and unique for the regulatory agencies and HRG.  Its ultimate success is attributed to the dedication and collaboration of all the parties involved.

Client / Owner

Global Energy Services USA, Inc.
Conshohocken, PA

Project Highlights

  • 3MW solar photovoltaic array
  • Constructed on 15 acres of a 127-acre site
  • Expedited schedule to ensure receipt of Solar Tax Credit to fund 30% of the project

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