Clarion University, Venango Campus-West End Pond Renovations – Oil City, Venango County, PA

The two plus acre West End Pond is located on the 64-acre Clarion University-Venango Campus property along a scenic portion of Oil City, Venango County. Due to a lack of storage volume and an undersized outlet structure, the existing West End Pond frequently overtopped West First Street during larger storm events. The PA DEP Dam Safety Bureau required Clarion University to revise the pond outlet structure and pond stage-storage in order to control the 100-year storm event from a 700-acre area tributary to the pond without overtopping West First Street.

Permits, plans and specifications were completed by HRG and the construction contract was awarded by the University in January 2008. Work was completed in May of 2009 at a total cost in excess of one million dollars. Pond renovations included demolition of existing culvert and outlet structures, extending an existing 8-foot diameter culvert under West First Street; construction of a new dam outlet structure in order to control the 100-year storm event without overtopping the roadway, dredging and removal of accumulated sediment from the pond; increasing the elevation of an existing berm to create a 3-foot high berm between the pond and West First Street in order to provide additional volume for storage of the 100-year storm event.

In addition to the pond renovations, the project included the construction of a parking area, installation of guide rail, construction of concrete sidewalks, lighting for the pond walkway, construction and permitting of a handicap accessible sidewalk / ramp to Rhoades Center and installation of various types of landscaping. The total project disturbance was approximately 2.10 acres, with the majority of the disturbance being the dredging and grading of the existing pond and walkways.

As a result of this project, HRG was retained by Clarion University to perform more site related work on the Venango Campus.

Client / Owner

Clarion University – Venango Campus
1801 West First Street
Oil City, PA 16301-3297

Project Highlights

  • Completion of Dam Safety Permit
  • Coordination with City, PADEP, ACOE and PennDOT

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