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Capital Region Water GIS – Dauphin County, PA

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) is developing/customizing a Geographic Information System (GIS) database for Capital Region Water (CRW) potable water, storm sewer and public sanitary sewer infrastructure networks. As CRW’s retained engineer, HRG has a long-standing relationship and has partnered to improve their water and wastewater infrastructure. The water system serves approximately 66,000 residents in the City of Harrisburg and portions of the Borough of Penbrook, Susquehanna, Swatara and Lower Paxton Townships. The combined sanitary/storm sewer system serves the City of Harrisburg; Penbrook, Paxtang and Steelton Boroughs; and portions of Susquehanna, Swatara and Lower Paxton Townships. Both systems date back to the early 1900’s with sections predating the American Civil War.

HRG is assisting CRW with all aspects of the development of their GIS. The project began with a comprehensive project understanding and planning task to address the existing and future needs/wants of the GIS. In order to meet the defined goals and expectations, high accuracy basemapping including orthophotography, impervious surfaces (e.g., buildings, roads, parking lots, etc.), and surface elevations with contours were developed. Required hardware and the GIS platform (ESRI) were selected, installed and configured. An ESRI enterprise SDE geodatabase was developed, installed, configured on SQL Server, populated and replicated as part of this project. It will also be integrated with an asset management solution for extended infrastructure management capabilities as the project advances.

Also, research was conducted, and discussions and demonstrations were coordinated with various asset management solution vendors in order to assist CRW staff with the selection of the “best fit solution” for their needs. The Asset Management System will provide the vessel to inventory, manage, maintain, analyze and model CRW’s water and wastewater systems and enhance emergency response capabilities in the future.

ArcGIS Online has been implemented as part of the enterprise solution. Applications are being developed/configured to effectively and efficiently perform tasks such as field data collection/attribution for water meters including battery replacement.

Other HRG tasks include Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSSS and Conventional Survey data collection of the water, sanitary, and storm sewer facilities, and managing/coordinating with the SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) contractor selected to perform Level B and Level A designation of the water infrastructure assets.
CRW facilities include approximately 23 miles of cross-country water transmission line, 250 miles of water distribution facilities, and 166 miles of sanitary sewer facilities. HRG’s survey crews will collect over 100,000 utility features/locations for this project. Survey efforts will include collecting potable water features such as mainline valves, curb-stops, fire hydrants, water lines; storm water features such as manholes, inlets, outfalls and culverts; and sanitary sewer features such as manholes, clean-outs, valves and pump stations.

As the project progresses, HRG will also assist with additional CRW staff selection/hiring and training. Even after the addition of new personnel, HRG will continue to support and collaborate with existing and future CRW staff to continue the growth, enhancement and update of the implemented GIS.

The successful completion of this comprehensive project requires the services of a multi-disciplined HRG team. Although the initial phases of the project are estimated for completion in 2014, future phases will continue beyond 2016.

Client / Owner

Capital Region Water
212 Locust Street
Suite 302
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Project Highlights

  • 23 miles of cross-country water transmission line
  • 250 miles of water distribution facilities
  • 166 miles of sanitary sewer facilities
  • 100,000+ utility features/locations collected
  • Hardware and GIS platform selection, installation, and configuration
  • ESRI enterprise SDE geodatabase
  • Asset Management System
  • ArcGIS Online implemented as part of the enterprise solution
  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS and Conventional Survey data collection

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