Analomink Dam – Stroud Township, Monroe County, PA

Temporary Repair Construction Observation
Analomink Dam had an inadequate emergency spillway and had experienced overtopping and erosion during several storm events. HRG performed DEP mandated construction observation during temporary repairs to the crest and embankment and certified that the repairs were done per the design. Temporary repairs were constructed while HRG performed analysis and design for the permanent repairs.

Hydrology and Downstream Impacts Study
Prior to designing permanent repairs, HRG reviewed available information from a prior hydrology analysis. We noted the actual peak flood levels and timing did not correlate well with the previous hydrology models. Working closely with DEP’s Division of Dam Safety, HRG reviewed and documented the drainage basin characteristics. This resulted in longer times of concentration and lower peak flows in a model that more closely resembled the actual events. HRG also performed topographic surveys which showed structures in the inundation area were actually above the flood level predicted in the dam breach analysis. Based on that information, the Division of Dam Safety downgraded the hazard classification for Analomink Dam from a C-2 High Hazard to C-2 Non-High Hazard.

Emergency Spillway Design and Construction
Analomink Dam had experienced several overtoppings and severe embankment erosions requiring repairs. The dam did not have an emergency spillway capable of passing the 100 year event. HRG evaluated options for providing an emergency spillway and ultimately designed cabled concrete armor for the embankment crest and downstream slope. A toe drain was designed to collect and divert seepage to the main channel through a V-notch weir for monitoring seepage. DEP approved HRG’s drawings and calculations and issued work authorizations. HRG also prepared cost estimates, evaluated bids, and provided construction observation.

Permit and Emergency Action Plan
Analomink Dam had never been permitted by DEP. HRG prepared the permit application with associated documents and updated the Emergency Action Plan to reflect the current conditions and hazard levels. Services included design, wetlands disturbance identification, and an environmental analysis. The design and permit work was initiated in December 2007, construction was completed in October 2008, and the Dam Permit Application and Emergency Action Plan was submitted to DEP in December 2008.

Client / Owner

Analomink Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

Project Highlights

  • Dam crest and embankment repairs
  • Hydrology and downstream impacts study
  • Topographic surveys
  • Documented drainage basin characteristics
  • Emergency spillway design and construction
  • Permit and emergency action plan updates
  • Bid and construction phase services

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