Act 167 Stormwater Management Plans – Pennsylvania Statewide

Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) has extensive experience preparing Phase I and Phase II Act 167 Watershed Stormwater Management Plans throughout Pennsylvania.  This experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the requirements DEP will have for this state funded program, which significantly enhances our efficiency in completing the projects.

In recent years, the Act 167 program has been refreshed to address both environmental needs as well as flooding events.  HRG has been a leader assisting in the implementation of new policies in the Act 167 program in the following areas:

  • Water Quality: Several years ago, DEP required all Act 167 plans to contain water quality standards. As a result of the increased emphasis on water quality, DEP has recently completed the Best Management Practices Manual, which HRG helped develop. 
  • County-Wide Planning: With the lack of progress completing Plans on a watershed basis, DEP has encouraged counties to complete the planning on a county-wide basis.
  • Proposed Solutions to Problems: All new Act 167 plans will be required to not only identify problems areas, but to also to identify solutions.
  • Impaired Streams: All Act 167 Plans must identify impaired stream segments, their type and cause, as well as proposed mitigation strategies.

In addition, HRG assisted with the implementation of several pilot projects within the Act 167 program.  One of the pilot projects involves Integrated Water Resource Management, which coordinates all planning and regulatory efforts involving water.  Results of these projects could be leading examples of intermunicipal cooperation with stormwater issues and stormwater authorities having Qualified Local Programs to administer NPDES programs. Another pilot project will include the coordination and integration of aspects of local ordinances related to stormwater management issues.

Act 167 Summary

The Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act of 1978 (Act 167) is intended to authorize a comprehensive program of stormwater management designed to preserve and restore the flood carrying capacity of  streams, preserve natural stormwater areas, and encourage planning and management of stormwater runoff consistent with sound water and land use practices.

Act 167 imposes duties on and confers powers to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), counties, and municipalities.  Counties work closely with their municipalities through a Plan Advisory Committee (PAC).  The WPAC is formed with representatives from each municipality, the conservation district, and other interested groups including DEP at the beginning stages of the study.

Act 167 Plans are completed in two phases:

  • Phase I – Scope of Study: Establishing procedures used to prepare the plan.
  • Phase II – The Plan: The technical assessment and development of the model ordinance.

The Act provides for grants to be administered by DEP for 75% of allowable costs incurred by any county or municipality.

Watershed Delineated Act 167 Projects

Dauphin County Conservation District

  • Spring Creek, Phase I & II
  • Multi Creek, Phase I & II
  • Paxton Creek, Phase II
  • Wiconisco Creek, Phase II
  • Mid Dauphin, Phase II

Union County Planning Commission

  • White Deer Creek, Phase II
  • West Branch Susquehanna River, Phase II
  • Bull Run, Phase II

York County Planning Commission

  • Little Conewago Creek, Phase I

Lycoming County Planning Commission

  • Lycoming Creek, Phase I

County-Wide Act 167 Projects

  • Butler County, Phase I & II
  • Clarion County, Phase I & II
  • Crawford County, Phase I & II
  • Dauphin County, Phase II
  • Erie County, Phase I & II
  • Fulton County, Phase I & II
  • Jefferson County, Phase I & II
  • McKean County, Phase I & II
  • Mifflin County, Phase I & II
  • Montour County, Phase II
  • Pike County, Phase I & II
  • Potter County, Phase I & II
  • Susquehanna County, Phase I & II
  • Venango County, Phase I & II
  • Warren County, Phase I & II
  • Washington County, Phase I & II

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