HRG and Land Studies to Prepare Paxton Creek TMDL Plan

Paxton CreekHRG is partnering with LandStudies, Inc., to prepare a TMDL plan for Paxton Creek beginning in the spring of 2017.

The Paxton Creek TMDL Plan will be like a “pollution diet” for the watershed. It will outline how much sediment is in the creek now, identify potential sources of that pollution, and provide strategies for reducing sedimentation to safer levels by a specified deadline. The overall goal of the TMDL plan is to help municipalities within the watershed comply with relevant state and federal regulations while improving the health of Paxton Creek.

HRG was involved in the preparation of the Paxton Creek Watershed TMDL Strategy in December 2015 and is the retained engineer for CRW, Susquehanna Township, and Lower Paxton Township. These experiences provide HRG with historical knowledge of the pollution issues within the watershed that other firms do not have. LandStudies has the state’s first Certified Professional in Municipal Stormwater Management (CPMSM), who is well-versed in writing TMDL plans and assisting municipalities with their stormwater pollution problems.

Read the full press release on Land Studies’ website.