Presentation: Making Projects Happen with Strategic Financial Planning

Because of the pressure to keep rates low, water and sewer utilities have a tendency to defer repairs until grant or subsidized interest funding is available. Unfortunately, this approach increases the cost of doing business because repairs are not done when they’re needed, assets do not last as long as they should, and expensive emergency repairs often become necessary.  This presentation shows how system managers can reduce their long-term costs and maintain optimum levels of service with a strategic financial planning approach.  Click through to learn:

  • How strategic financial planning makes projects possible by ensuring the funding is there to complete them when needed and the documentation is there to persuade the public (and funding agencies) of the need
  • How to implement strategic financial planning for water and sewer systems step-by-step
  • How to extend the life of system assets at the lowest possible cost with properly timed maintenance and repairs
  • How to determine the risks associated with asset failure
  • Additional strategies for extending the life of assets beyond simple repair or replacement
  • How a long-term plan can lower financing costs by enabling you to bundle projects together
  • Strategies for ensuring your rates will provide the needed funding now and into the future

This presentation was given to new board members at the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association’s (PMAA) New Board Member Training Program in March 2017. It was presented by Russ McIntosh, HRG’s vice president of financial services and developed in part with Adrienne Vicari, P.E., HRG’s financial services practice area leader.

Russ and Adrienne have published several articles related to strategic financial planning and have helped dozens of water and sewer systems plan for their future cost-effectively.  For questions about this presentation or your own system’s financial needs, contact Russ and Adrienne directly.