Stormwater Management Study

In response to serious flooding in June 2007 and flood problems that have plagued the township for years, Derry Township Board of Supervisors asked HRG to prepare a Stormwater Management Study. This study identifies flood-prone regions in the township and recommends solutions to reduce the likelihood of flooding in these areas. To read the report, click one of the links below. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)

Executive Summary


Priority Areas 1-3
Mill Street/Cherry Drive
Cocoa Avenue/Governor Road
Cocoa Avenue Between Elm and Areba

Priority Areas 4-6
Forest Avenue, Clark and Sand Hill Roads
Hershey Park Drive – Shopping Center
Wood Road at Bullfrog Valley Road

Priority Areas 7-9
East Chocolate Avenue
Sunset Drive
Lucy Avenue

Priority Areas 10-12
Mill Road Underpass
Palmdale Park and Route 422
West Chocolate at Swatara Avenue

Priority Areas 13-15
Route 422/322 Interchange
Norfolk Southern RR Near Sipe Avenue
Bindnagle Road

Priority Areas 16-17
Highmeadow Camp Parking Lot
West Mansion Road

Summary and Conclusions

Appendix A – Cost Estimates
Appendix B – Photos
Appendix C – Hydrology Documentation
Appendix D – Funding Sources

If you have questions about this study, please contact the project manager, Matthew Bonanno.