Adrienne Vicari to Present at PSATS 2017: Derry Township’s Stormwater Authority Experience

Join us Monday at the annual PSATS Conference when HRG’s Financial Services Manager Adrienne Vicari will be presenting a workshop on Derry Township’s experience forming a stormwater authority.


One Township’s Experience with a Stormwater Authority
1:15 p.m. at Empire D, Confection Hall (lower level)

This workshop will explain how a stormwater authority has helped Derry Township comply with its MS4 requirements while improving service, enhancing water quality, reducing flooding, and improving township finances. The presenters will explain lessons learned from every phase of the authority’s development, from the initial analysis to the public outreach.  They will also discuss the importance of open, collaborative communication between the municipality and the authority staff.


Though communities have been charging fees for stormwater across the U.S. for years, stormwater authorities are still relatively new to Pennsylvania.  Township leaders rightfully have many questions about whether forming a stormwater authority would be the best choice for their community (and whether residents and business owners will support the idea).  The best way to get those questions answered is to hear from another township who’s already thought through these questions!

Adrienne will be co-presenting this workshop with Michael Callahan, the stormater program coordinator at Derry Township Municipal Authority; Wayne Schutz, the executive director of the Derry Township Municipal Authority; and Lee Stinnet, esquire at Salzmann Hughes, PC.

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