Act 89 of 2013 Executive Summary


On November 25, 2013, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed and Governor Tom Corbett signed into law Act 89 of 2013. Act 89 generates $2.3 to $2.4 billion by fiscal year 2017-2018 and reoccurring annually thereafter:

  • Provides a long-term funding solution for all levels of Pennsylvania transportation providers and local Government
  • Includes funding for all aspects of transportation

Challenge: New funding landscape introduces new challenges for local government, including:

  • Understanding the Legislation and Identifying which programs a Municipality is eligible to access
  • Planning for expenditures

Solution: To ensure the most efficient use of the new funding, every municipality should invest in:

  • Transportation Asset Management (TAM)
  • Capital Improvement Planning (CIP)
  • Grantsmanship

Conclusion: HRG has been helping municipalities for almost 50 years to plan, procure, and deliver projects. Our experienced team has a unique advantage over many in our industry; we understand that without proper funding even the best designs stay on paper and are not implemented. This understanding led to HRG developing and staffing a separate financial services group dedicated to helping our clients compete and WIN funding for their projects. From project concept, to design, funding and construction, HRG has the experience and knowledge to take an idea and deliver a real world project.

Contact Brian Emberg, P.E., for more information about obtaining Act 89 funds.